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Below are items for sale by AAEP members. To post an item for sale, create your listing in the My AAEP Dashboard section of this website.  You will find this tab on the left-hand menu in the Members area of the site.  Happy shopping!

Equipment Posted Description Condition Year Asking Price
Ultrasound Jan 24th 2017 Exago Ultrasound from Universal Imaging Portable, battery-powered unit with a tendon probe. This... Excellent 2011 5500
Vet Box Jan 24th 2017 La Boit 8-drawer vet box very good, missing the key for the drawer that ... 2005? $1000.00
Ultrasound Jan 24th 2017 Cardiac probe in excellent condition. Esaote PA 230, used with a MyLab30Gold for cardiac exams in... Excellent 1900 OBO
Vet Box Jan 24th 2017 2005 Bowie America Vet Box for sale. This unit is the truck bed insert for the 8ft (long) bed. Th... Good 2005 5250
Radiograph Equipment Jan 23rd 2017 CR System in good working condition. Alara CRYstal View T-100 Scanner, Toshiba Satellite Laptop, ... Used-good. The scanner was professionally clean... 2008 $4500.00 plus shipping
Ultrasound Jan 23rd 2017 5, 7.5MHz R17 Probe for Biosound Esaote Aquila. Model: 401667 SN: 02548317. Like new! Used about ... Excellent 2006 2100.00
Practices/Clinics Jan 23rd 2017 OPPORTUNITY! Insta-practice of 45 years Huge potential, dentistry, lameness workups, etc. Req...
Dentistry Equipment Jan 23rd 2017 Upper "11" float. Alberts 168 ESL-20". New unused bonded blade. Like new. ? $100
Radiograph Equipment Jan 22nd 2017 Min X-ray table. For use with a Min X-ray machine. Like New 2014 3000.
Truck/Car Jan 21st 2017 2013 Ram 2500 Tradesman Truck with Bowie American Vet Unit. Automatic, power windows, locks, AC, ... Truck: very good. Vet unit: OK 2013 $25,000
Radiograph Equipment Jan 20th 2017 9030HF ULTRA Portable X-Ray Generator The ULTRA 9030Hf is specifically designed for veterinary... Excellent 2014 5500
Other Jan 19th 2017 Equine nebulizer Price without shipping and handling. Good working condition don't know 680
Other Jan 19th 2017 Adipose Stem Cell Processing Equipment: U.S. Stem Cell Corp. same day treatment with 90 min proc... like new 2011 4500
Surgery Equipment Jan 19th 2017 recovery wall pads, multiple sections 5ft tall have been in storage and unused goodvery goog unknown 900
Practices/Clinics Jan 18th 2017 Veterinary clinic for sale in rural Northwest Arkansas Ozark Mountains. Visit our website, veteri...
Radiograph Equipment Jan 18th 2017 Eklin Model EDR3 Mark III portable digital x-ray unit. Has 9 1/2 x 11 sensor panel, touch screen ... Good 2008 $11,500
Computer Equipment Jan 16th 2017 Shockwave Versatron 4 probes. Good working condition 2008 13000
Endoscope Jan 16th 2017 Olympus 1M (7mm diameter) and 3M (10mm diameter) video endoscopes with camera processor and light... Good 8000
Dentistry Equipment Jan 16th 2017 EzSpec: lightweight (7lb) high grade aircraft aluminum speculum - very strong but light, will not... New - 2 year warranty: Hand crafted in the U.S.... 2017 1695.00
Dentistry Equipment Jan 16th 2017 Alberts brand Wolf Tooth Kit with 3 elevator heads, 3mm 6 inch elevator, and 7 inch forceps and c... New 2016 295

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