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THANK YOU, to all who joined us in Orlando for the 62nd Annual AAEP Convention! If you were not able to join us, you were missed, but a Proceedings Book will be mailed to all members after the first of the year. If you attended, but need a CE form, contact Kristin Walker at







  • 2016 Kester News Hour BibliographiesClick to Expand

    Medicine – Robert J. MacKay, BVSc, PhD, DACVIM

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    Reproduction - Terry L. Blanchard, DVM, MS, DACT 

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    Additional References/Reading 

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    Surgery - Elizabeth M. Santschi, DVM, DACVS 

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    The Horse: Wendy Williams

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    Interested in submitting a paper to be presented at the 63rd Annual Convention, Nov. 17-21, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas? Click here for Instructions for Authors and information on the submission process. 

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    2017 63rd Annual Convention
    San Antonio, Texas
    November 17-21

    2018 64th Annual Convention
    San Francisco, California
    December 1-5

    2019 65th Annual Convention
    Denver, Colorado
    December 7-11

    2020 66th Annual Convention
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    December 5-9