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American Association of Equine Practitioners

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Do you own or ride horses, or simply admire the beauty of the horse? Do you enjoy the biological sciences? If so, choosing a career as an equine veterinarian may be the most rewarding decision you ever make. No other profession provides such satisfying daily interaction with the horse while offering the unique opportunity to care for one of the world’s most majestic animals.

See "Discover a Career As an Equine Veterinarian" in order to learn more about the educational requirements for veterinary school as well as the varied employment opportunities that exist for today's equine veterinarians.

Deborah Spike-Pierce, DVM
Lexington, KY 
Michigan State Univeristy, 1993


"My career choice was made solely for the love of horses.  Being an equine veterinarian has allowed me to use an advanced degree and work with horses every day. Even after 13 years of practice, my day to day experiences are very rewarding.  I love to diagnose lameness and then see improved performance out of a horse.  It is not just the satisfaction of having improved the horse, but also the appreciation that an owner will show. You don’t need to be motivated to go to work every day when you love what you do." 


Julia H. Wilson, DVM
St. Paul, MN
Cornell University, 1978


"As a veterinarian specializing in internal medicine for large animals at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, the majority of my work as a veterinarian centers on horses, so I truly get to live my passion at work as well as at home. My job is very fulfilling and never boring, as I am motivated by the many ways to improve the health care of horses while working with people that share my enthusiasm: teaching veterinary students, managing challenging equine cases, researching equine health issues, and sharing my expertise with other veterinarians as well as learning from them."