American Association of Equine Practitioners

American Association of Equine Practitioners

Committees and Councils HEADING_TITLE


Councils are volunteer groups within the AAEP with a specific charge to provide guidance to the AAEP leadership. Councils may recommend the formation of task forces, member education, position2015 Committee
 statement development, motions for the board of directors, or other courses of action on a particular issue related to their subject area.

Committees are volunteer work groups within the AAEP that have an ongoing, annual function and a focused charge related to a specific area of veterinary medicine, the equine industry or association governance. Policies and procedures relative to committees (e.g. appointment, terms, eligibility, etc.) are further defined in the AAEP Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

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2016 Councils and Committees

  • Foundation Advisory CouncilClick to Expand

    To organize and direct fundraising efforts, evaluate and prioritize funding requests, and develop programs and policies that meet the mission of the Foundation: To improve the welfare of horses.

    Jeffrey T. Berk, Chair, 2016
    (352) 843-3030

    Board Liaison: G. Kent Carter
    Staff Liaison: Keith Kleine


    Jeff Blea
    Duane Chappell
    Amy Grice
    Jackie Shellow
    Tracy Turner

    Jack Easley
    Leslie Easterwood
    Rick Mitchell
    Susan White

    Anthony Blikslager
    Ernie Martinez
    Monty McInturff
    Lisa Metcalf


  • Infectious Disease CommitteeClick to Expand

    To monitor and update disease information on a regular basis for the Equine Disease Communication Center and AAEP websites, as well as AAEP Control & Vaccination Guidelines; and, to make additions, updates and relevant changes as needed.  Additionally, the committee will also serve to evaluate infectious disease issues affecting the equine population and recommend courses of action to the AAEP leadership.

    Grant Rezabek, Chair

    Board Liaison: Mark Baus


    Stephanie Brault
    Ben Buchanan
    Ryan Ferris
    Katie Flynn
    Barbara Jones
    Martha Mallicote
    Peter Morresey
    Bob Mealey
    Linda Mittel
    Tracy Norman
    Kerry Pride
    Ashley Whitehead 

    Ex-Officio members:

    Nat White
    Angela Pelzel-McCluskey
    Nicola Pusterla



  • President's Advisory CouncilClick to Expand

    To serve as a resource for the president and provide historical perspective for the leadership.

    G. Kent Carter, Chair and Board Liaison, 2016
    (979) 845-3541

    Rick M. Arthur
    G. Marvin Beeman
    Jerry B. Black
    Jeff A. Blea
    Larry R. Bramlage
    Bernard F. Brennan
    Thomas D. Brokken
    James R. Coffman
    Robert W. Copelan
    Douglas G. Corey
    Ann E. Dwyer
    Daniel V. Flynn
    Benjamin Franklin, Jr.
    Eleanor M. Green
    Peter F. Haynes
    J. Clyde Johnson
    A. Gary Lavin

    Thomas R. Lenz
    Robert D. Lewis
    William R. McGee
    C. Wayne McIlwraith
    John S. Mitchell
    William A. Moyer
    Gary L. Norwood
    Scott E. Palmer
    Richard J. Sheehan
    Terry D. Swanson
    M.B. Teigland
    Charles D. Vail
    John T. Vaughan
    Harry W. Werner
    Nathaniel A. White, II

  • Welfare & Public Policy Advisory CouncilClick to Expand

    To monitor welfare issues and matters of public policy in both the equine industry and veterinary profession for the purposes of advising AAEP leadership on such matters as well as to make recommendations on a particular course of action by the association.

    Cynthia MacKenzie, Chair, 2017
    (859) 806-3757

    Brad Jackman, Vice Chair, 2017

    Board Liaison: G. Kent Carter
    Staff Liaisons: Sally Baker/Keith Kleine

    Jeff Blea
    Stuart Brown
    Doug Corey

    Mark Akin
    Alina Vale
    Carolyn Weinberg

    Joe Bertone
    Katie Flynn
    Miles Hildebrand
    John Lee, Jr.
    Harry Werner
    Bruce Whittle
    Jim Zeliff

    Clara Mason


  • Educational Programs CommitteeClick to Expand

    To provide input to the program chair regarding the scientific program for the Annual Convention and other association CE meetings; to advise on policy matters concerning the Annual Convention proceedings; and to review and recommend action based on evaluations of AAEP CE meetings.

    Eric Mueller, Chair, 2016
    (706) 542-7367

    Phoebe Smith, Vice Chair, 2016

    Board Liaison: Amy Grice
    Staff Liaison: Carey Ross

    Joe Bertone
    Anthony Blikslager
    Ed Boldt
    Etta Bradecamp
    Raul Bras
    Stephanie Brault
    Ben Buchanan
    Ryan Ferris
    Michele Frazer
    Karl Frees
    Amy Grice
    Erin Groover
    John Janicek
    Jared Janke
    Maria Masri
    Corey Miller
    Rick Mitchell
    Dale Paccamonti
    Ryan Penno
    Joe Pluhar
    Shannon Reed
    Sara Sammons
    Chris Sanchez
    Ahmed Tibary
    Mary Beth Whitcomb
    David A. Wilson
    Ashley Yanchik

    Monica Aleman
    Scott Anderson
    Amanda Armentrout
    Carolyn Arnold
    Barry Ball
    Luke Bass
    Colleen Best
    Jeff Bunn
    Kristin Chaney
    Joe Dowd
    Jeremiah Easley
    Lane Easter
    Ben Espy
    Susan Gillen
    Casey Gruber
    Caleb Harms
    Amy Johnson
    Alison Morton
    Gordon Plotts
    Steve Reed
    Grant Rezabek
    Kurt Selberg
    Jennifer Smith
    Mary Swartz
    Tracy Turner
    Ashley Whitehead
    Beau Whittaker
    Chris Wilhite
    Dana Zimmel 


  • Finance & Audit CommitteeClick to Expand

    To advise the board on financial matters, including investments, budgets and capital expenditures; and to review monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements.

    Jack Easley, Chair and Board Liason, 2017
    (502) 633-0112

    Staff Liaison: Brad Mitchell

    Reynolds Cowles

    Vivian Freer
    Margo Macpherson


  • Leadership Development CommitteeClick to Expand

    To identify future leaders within the AAEP for councils, committees and task forces.

    Rachel Cezar, Chair, 2017
    (240) 412-4517

    David Ramey, Vice Chair, 2017

    Board Liaison: Katherine Garrett
    Staff Liaison: Nick Altwies

    Roxie Bell
    Ed Boldt
    Hoyt Cheramie
    Nick Huggons
    Sergio Salinas

    Brian Carroll
    Katie Flynn
    Mike Gotchey
    Melissa Hines
    Al Kane
    Dan Keenan
    Anne Rashmir-Raven
    Mitchell Rode
    Nathan Voris

    Rocky Bigbie
    Jennifer Finley
    Amanda House
    Scott Palmer
    Charlie Scoggin
    Debbie Spike-Pierce
    Steve Trostle
    Claudia True


  • Nominating CommitteeClick to Expand

    To oversee elections of board members and provide input to the board on policy matters related to leadership in the association; and to see that leadership positions are filled on a fair and equitable basis with the best interest of the association in mind.

    Jeff A. Blea, 2016
    (626) 836-1688

    Board Liaison: Stuart Brown
    Staff Liaison: David Foley

    Ann Dwyer
    David Frisbie

    Rachel Cezar
    Rob Franklin
    Wendy Vaala

    G. Kent Carter


  • Professional Conduct & Ethics CommitteeClick to Expand

    To review and analyze ethical issues facing the AAEP membership; to formulate and review recommendations relative to AAEP position statements as they pertain to ethical practice; to develop and conduct a review procedure for evaluating complaints and allegations of unethical practice by AAEP members; and to recommend disciplinary action to the board regarding membership privileges.

    Tom Riddle, Chair, 2017
    (859) 233-0371

    Board Liaison: Dan Keenan
    Staff Liaison: David Foley

    Caleb Harms
    Amanda House
    Tom Timmons

    Nancy Diehl
    Faith Hughes
    Sara Langsam
    Nat Messer
    Karen Nyrop
    Eric Peterson
    David Ramey

    Ryan Carpenter
    Jennifer Durenberger
    Paula Horne
    Debbie Lamparter
    Melissa McKee
    Kenton Morgan

  • Racing CommitteeClick to Expand

    To proactively identify and address issues of importance to equine veterinarians and racing authorities; to provide leadership and expertise on all aspects of racing that affect the health and welfare of the horse; to communicate to AAEP members and racing stakeholders the AAEP’s positions and recommendations pursuant to the welfare and safety of the horse; and to educate AAEP members and industry stakeholders regarding best practices and ethical care of the racehorse.


    Scott Hay, Chair, 2016
    (954) 680-5886

    Board Liason: Stuart Brown
    Staff Liaison: Sally Baker

    Keith Berkeley
    Larry Bramlage
    Robert Burgess
    Patricia Marquis
    Paul Nolan

    Alan Chastain
    Keith Latson
    Foster Northrop
    Andy Roberts
    Mary Scollay

    Jeff Blea
    Dan Duncan
    Ron Friedman
    Cody Johnson
    Debbie Lamparter