American Association of Equine Practitioners

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The loss of a horse is incredibly difficult for both horse owners and veterinarians. When you become close to a client, you may want to offer more than just sympathy during a time of loss.

With the Equine Memorial Program, you can make a gesture of support that reinforcesthe strong commitment you have to your clients and their beloved horses. 

""Upon receiving the donation, a compassionate card conveying sympathy over the loss of their equine companion is sent to the owner. The sympathy card communicates the Foundation’s and Zoetis's commitment to supporting education, research and benevolent efforts for horses and their caretakers. 

Over the years, many veterinary practices have made this valuable program an important part of their client relations protocol. Because of this program, several owners whose horses have been remembered have, in turn, made donations to the Foundation to fund additional equine and educational outreach.  

To make an equine memorial donation online, click here or download this form to mail or fax to the AAEP Foundation office.""